Business Idea# 1: Automated Seat for Supersonic Jet


Objective: Save life from flight crashes and enhance the flying experience with confidence.

Rationale: Too many people are dying due to flight crashes, for sure don’t want to fly supersonic passenger jets.


AGM Industries Inc is very interested in the design and development of a prototype of an automated seat for supersonic passenger jet (or any flight), where passengers could be safe and sound even in case of flight accidents, with we could save a lot of human life’s every year.

The device is mainly for saving lives of flight passengers, but we could enhance the experience by personalizing the device for entertainment, work, sleep and with various other modes. It also makes flyers feel very safe, especially in case of flying supersonic passenger jets.

This technology could be extended to any transportation mode (e.g. Automobiles, Trucks and others) that could enhance and save human lives.

Since we are living in the era of heightened terrorism, which is sponsored directly or indirectly by rogue nations in the name of international politics.


Business Idea# 2: Coating to Protect Underlying Object


Objective: Protect expensive equipment (e.g. Transportation Vehicles) from rust, snow, salt, accidents and other damages.

Rationale: Accidents occur on a daily basis and very expensive equipment (e.g. cars and others) get scraped/damaged, which costs a lot to fix them.


AGM Industries Inc is very interested to develop a chemical coating, it could be applied to on top of any object (virtually), to protect from environmental damage and absorb impact or collision to the maximum extent, which could help save a lot of expensive equipment (e.g. cars, trucks, and others).


Business Idea# 3: App for Corruption/Abuse


Objective: Build a vigilante society through technology (worldwide).

Rationale: Corruption/abusive practices shouldn’t be the motive for riches, and people who are smart and hardworking shouldn’t be the losers.


AGM Business Process Flow:


1. Develop an app for fighting corruption/abuse, in which technology will connect people indirectly to law enforcement agencies.

2. The app will collect the details and build the database for analysis (AI) from anonymous complaints and reporters.

3. The app will rate the severity of corruption/abuse and connect to the appropriate law enforcement agency and escalate it to the bureaucratic and political system in the process.

4. Engage freelancer investigative journalists to collect the evidence, work with law enforcement agencies for action and expose it to the public.

5. Will offer safety and security solutions to fight the corruption and handle the abusive situation.


Business Idea# 4: App for Govt Services on Demand


Objective: On-demand government (govt) services to citizens (better quality of life).

Rationale: Revolutionize bossy govt services to on-demand public services through technology.


AGM Business Process Flow:

1. Develop local/central government, banking, taxes and other services App/s, so that services could be provided to citizens on demand.

2. Providing an approximate time frame for the fulfillment of logged service request.

3. Citizens are responsible for providing all the required and necessary information for fulfilling the service requests.

4. Avoid interaction with abusive and corrupted govt officials, which will improve quality of life.

5. Follow-up of service requests by separate teams, which should be monitored, service reviews are requested from the recipients.

6. Public services will be improved since govt officials are responsible for fulfilling the services since they are evaluated for their job security, promotions and monetary benefits.

7. Payments for services will be paid through App with door delivery options with payment receipts.

8. Separate teams to log complaints about unsuccessful service fulfillment and necessary actions will be taken on priority.

9. Provide case number for subscribing or receiving updates of the services request and complaints as well.