AGM Industries Private Limited


Srinivas Rao Elipe

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
of AGM Industries Private Limited India

AGM Industries Private Limited, is our Indian subsidiary business entity, Mr. Srinivas Rao Elipe, is our officially appointed Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in India. He is a distinguished and well recognized Civil Engineer, with over seventeen years of experience in industrial projects, like design, development and construction of water & gas pipeline lines, power plants, surface and under water pipe lines, fiber optic cables, recovery construction, bridges, high ways, shipping yards, reactors, multi-storied buildings and high raised buildings. Please feel free to visit his public



AGM Industries Private Limitedis highly specialized in Engineering & Construction, the areas of expertise are topographical survey of newly forming cities, pipe line works, OFC (Optical Fiber Cable) survey, gas pipe line survey & laying, onshore terminal construction works, major pipe crossing planning for Micro tunneling, identification stringing points river crossing, laying of OFC (Optical Fiber Cable) along the highway and freeway. Pre cast piles casting with segment wise, execution of pre cast piling foundation works, precast driving works, pre cast piling segments group pile connectivity, pipe rack foundations, erection of pipe racks, construction raw water reservoir, storm water reservoir, fire water reservoir and effluent water reservoirs, raw water pump house construction, equipment erection, commissioning & testing, haul road survey & construction for heavy equipment transportation, design and development of data centers